Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Your Dental Questions

I would like to receive Botox and dermal fillers for my wrinkles, will that be covered by my insurance?

While we offer several payment options, these procedures are 100% cosmetic procedures and insurance does not cover these procedures and payment is expected at time of service.

Will you submit my claim to insurance?

Yes, as a courtesy to you we will submit your insurance claim. Your insurance plan may have a deductible and other policy guidelines regarding payment. If your insurance does not pay, it is your responsibility to make full payment. We accept Visa, MasterCard. Insurance questions with your employer plan may be answered by your companies human resource or benefit plan administrator.

Will you give me and exact estimate of what my insurance will pay?

We work with thousands of insurance providers and it would be impossible to give you a guaranteed quote of their expected payment as these plans change frequently. Our office will estimate your expected out of pocket portion based on past history but you must understand this is an estimate and not a guarantee for payment.

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